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Are you a professional?

Are you a full-time outdoor professional: a seasoned climbing, backpacking or mountaineering guide or instructor or  a professional ski patroller or an avalanche forecaster? Or a full time professional climber or skier?

Perhaps you work in the outdoor, snowsports or mountaineering industry for another brand. Or, maybe you work in retail for an outdoor specialty shop.

Or you are just a super cool climber/mountaineer.


If you consider yourself to be somewhere in this group Wilderness Experience has a professional purchase program set up for you.

If you are part of the Outdoor Industry we want you to be using a Wilderness Experience Klettersack (and wearing a Packs for Mountaineers T-Shirt!) so we've developed our Pro purchase program to give you a discounted price on packs and related gear.

We starting making packs in 1973 and our focus has always been on the elite of the climbing world. This includes individuals, like you, who have made your love of the outdoors your career and your life. In exchange for a deep discount on our packs, we'd like you to serve as a Wilderness Experience advocate, ambassador, influencer, and as someone who uses your equipment day in and day out, we'd appreciate receiving your detailed, specific product feedback. If you love our packs, it would be great if you post photos and reviews. 

Our Pro program gives you 50% off the retail price, with free shipping. Pretty incredible, huh?

Apply for the WILDERNESS EXPERIENCE Pro Purchase Program



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