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In January 1973 we rented a 1000 sq foot shop, put in a sewing machine and a cutting/assembly table and tried to decide what to make. Our first product was a gaitor to keep snow out of boots. A distributor, EIGER MOUNTAIN SPORTS ordered 1000.

Then the same distributor wanted backpacks to replace their imported line. Greg designed a collection and we showed the distributor. By then he was receiving shipments from the European manufacturer MILET so did not what ours. Greg showed them to a local mountaineering store, WEST RIDGE and the owner, Don Lauria ordered a few. We were in the backpack business.

1973 First Packs page 1.jpg
1973 First Packs Page 2.jpg
1973 First Pack Catalog.jpg
1974 Pack Catalog #1 COVER.jpg

1974 catalog

This catalog was made for us for free, but we never liked it
1974 Catalog #2 COVER.jpg

Click on the cover to see the entire catalog

First Pack Catalog


1974 Official Catalog

So we did another catalog for 1974.  This wasn't free but was a super was designed by Chet Collom, Laurie's dad.

1975 Pack Catalogs

1975 Day Pack Catalog.jpg
1975 Soft Luggage Catalog.jpg
1975 Internal Frame Pack Catalog.jpg
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